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Marketing (CMO)

Test. Tune. Optimise.
Every marketer needs to be able to quickly react to ever changing consumer buying behaviours, or challenge the market and test new product mixes, promotional pricing strategies, bundles etc. Invoice IT is built to give our customers the greatest flexibility over its product catalogue and variable pricing strategies, which gives you the ability to test any of the above without the need for time consuming and costly IT support. As Invoice IT connects directly with CRM, ERP and Finance, it also enables you to;
  • Get the ability to quickly test new product mixes, or pricing plans
  • Change pricing in line with market conditions
  • Monitor impact of campaigns for specific customers / market segments
  • See real time Sales data by product line, division or region
  • Give Sales teams the ability to upsell
  • Get instant updates on campaign uplifts
  • Get one click reporting facility
  • Get visibility of revenue, cash, renewal, churn, MRR trends
  • Get a true Marketing ROI calculation as it links CRM with Finance
  • Get an accurate average customer value
  • plus the ability easily add any other metric you wish to monitor.
Ask one of our consultants today to showcase our standard dashboards, then challenge them to instantly provide something you would want to track in your business.