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As senior leader of your business, you need full visibility of the entire cycle from initial lead contact to projected invoicing and payment collection. From the data you can easily see in dashboards and reports, the current effectiveness of:
  • The marketing teams’ effort to attract interest
  • The sales teams’ ability to prospect and close deals
  • The finance teams’ ability to invoice and collect payment
  • The customer services teams’ ability to resolve issues
Through the implementation of an empowering system, you and the entire executive team is free to expand and grow the business. And as the business needs change, the comfort in knowing that there is no heavy investment in rigid technology systems but rather the risk has been mitigated through the leveraging of one of the world’s most robust cloud computing platform.
Every business needs to bill. Implementing Invoice IT not only automates the sales ordering and billing process, but in the process it connects 3 pivotal systems; CRM, ERP and Finance. This places it in the ideal position to collate and report on the key data to any business;
  • Get 100% visibility of activity from lead to cash in bank
  • Get accurate Sales pipeline, turnover and forecasts
  • Get real time Sales data by employee, division, or product line
  • Get instant updates on campaign uplifts
  • Get one click reporting facility
  • Get profit warning notifications
  • Get visibility of revenue, cash, renewal, churn, MRR trends
  • Get a true Marketing ROI calculation as it links CRM with Finance
  • Get the ability to quickly test new product mixes, or pricing strategies
  • Get an accurate average customer value
  • plus the ability easily add any other metric you wish to monitor.
Ask one of our consultants today to showcase our standard dashboards, then challenge them to instantly provide something you would want to track in your business.