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Finance (CFO)

Improve accuracy, throughput, cash flow and profitability.
As the leadership that is responsible for calculating and collecting payments, the lifeblood of any business, you need tools you can trust. Our platform delivers;
  • Audit ready system, tracking and attributing every change made
  • Get Invoices with automatic payment collection, or manual entry of payments automatically applied to posted invoices
  • Collate data from multiple systems and automatically generate complex invoices, from the applicable pricing plans
  • Never miss an invoice again, as is triggered from approved quotes and orders
  • Manages one off, milestone, subscription, renewal, usage based costs,
  • Calculates and aligns prorated charges to relevant invoices
  • Simple integration with all leading finance packages for revenue recognition
  • Automation speeds up invoice delivery and payments, and reduces overheads
  • Real time metrics and reporting for key financials, profitability, MRR, credit control, customer lifetime value etc.
  • plus the ability easily add any other metric you wish to monitor.