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Is your current system expensive to maintain and does not allow you to scale? Invoice IT Billing-as-a-Service automates the subscription and billing processes for technology businesses whilst reducing the overall costs associated with billing and managing large volumes of subscriptions.
Invoice IT manages complex pricing & billing scenarios and allows your business to provide the flexibility that your customers expect, such as product bundles, metered billing and milestone billing. If you wish to ensure services are provisioned on time and renewals are managed seamlessly, Invoice IT will also take care of this.
As a cloud solution, Invoice IT can be implemented in a fraction of the time compared with other solutions, allowing you to focus on your business and more importantly, your customers.
High Level Benefits:
  • Introduce new products and pricing strategies with ease
  • Calculate MRR
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Subscription Management
  • Unlimited Rate Plans
  • Metered and Flat-Rate Services
  • Milestone Billing
  • Electronic Payment Processing
  • Unlimited Billing History
  • Service Provisioning