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We know Invoice IT is the best product out there and we always work hard to ensure our customers succeed with our product. But don’t take our word for it. This is what our customers think. Or visit any one of the independent review sites for more. Salesforce. Oracle.
“Prior to selecting a vendor for our quote-to-order system we did a lot of research. InvoiceIT is a perfect mix of sophistication and ease of use without breaking the bank. No small business, like ours, can continue using antiquated practices like paper processes, but we also can’t afford many of the systems available. That is, until we found InvoiceIT. The setup was a snap and the system is very easy to use. We’re hopeful for continued hands-on support and deployment of many of the new features that are under development.”
Micah Bongberg (President, Annuvia)
“With this product I can now send real-time quotes that are 100% accurate from within Salesforce, inspite of our range of complex products. I can also see the profitability of each quote/order right on the screen. The product does what it promises and I found the support to be very helpful too.”
Michael Hoenigmann (MD, Proludic)
“Invoice IT has had a big impact on how we manage our billing and invoicing operations. We can now introduce a new pricing model or a promotion in hours rather than weeks. Invoice IT manages our complicated subscriptions and everything works like a breeze with no manual intervention.”
Tom Miles (COO, CTA)
“We have a complex service offering and had to often amend our subscriptions to suit mid-term changes, and no doubt invoicing them was giving us a tough time. But Invoice IT has made our work so much easy to an extent we don’t oversee the monthly invoices sent to our customers as they are 100% accurate irrespective of what the subscription terms are or how many times we change them. I am happy the way they supported us internationally inspite of all the timezone differences.”
Daniel Kris (Technical Service Manager, iGroup)
“Glad We Made The Switch”
“Before using Invoice IT, we were using an allegedly “native” product called Zuora for quoting and customer billing. Having an application that is truly native has made a world of difference in managing accounts receivable reports, seeing customer billing & payment history, making product pricing changes quickly available to our Sales team, and creating subscriptions.”
“We had been using Zuora for a few years and had a lot of data to migrate. Completing the data migration to Invoice IT was fairly straightforward, as their data models are very similar. From an IT perspective, Invoice ITs data model is soooo much smarter. We can now create roll-up summary fields to aggregate data to standard SFDC objects (e.g., from invoices and payments to the Account level and use that information to accurately drive Account Status changes and flag delinquent accounts).”
“There have been a few hiccups during the rollout process that we needed addressed ASAP, and Invoice IT’s support team has been phenomenal at promptly addressing issues and quickly implementing fixes.”
“Invoice IT is much less expensive than other products on the market, but for less, you get a much more. Great support, a smart product, easy user interface, and more money in our pocket… We’re glad we made the switch!”

Chrystal Owens (Business Systems Administrator, improveit! 360)
“Reliable & Scalable solution with brilliant support!
We needed a solution which can handle subscriptions and complex tiered pricing. After evaluating a couple of other apps, we decided to go with Invoice IT. Now we can manage quotes, billing and renewals all within Salesforce. PJ and his team were brilliant, they understood our needs and the project was delivered on time.”

Stefano Migliorisi
“Works well for advertising ”
“I work for a national travel magazine and we successfully implemented InvoiceIT about a year and a half ago to manage our advertising revenue. Although we don’t use the quoting function of the app, we’ve had great luck with orders and billing through InvoiceIT. It is far more advanced than the internal system that we used to use and it integrates well with Salesforce. My only complaint during the setup process was that I had trouble getting the merge fields on our invoice templates just right for our specific needs. However we eventually figured it out with the help of the InvoiceIT staff. Hopefully we won’t have any changes to our invoices any time soon!”

Melanie Merritt Brown
“Invoice IT is a great fit for our company”
“Following implementation, Invoice IT is helping us manage customer orders for subscription-based products and services. The days of memorized invoices in QuickBooks are over! We use Invoice IT for order management and invoice generation only, while continuing to use QuickBooks for A/R management and payments. We use a third-party product for quoting but plan to migrate this function over to Invoice IT and in the near future. Using Invoice IT, we generate subscription invoices each month and export the results to QuickBooks.”
“The flexibility of the product is impressive, and combined with Manoj’s team of expert developers, our custom solution is making a positive impact on our business. We did have a number of issues during implementation and testing, some of which were related to bad data on our side, and others which were related to minor bugs in the product. Having ironed these out with Acertis tech support we are up and running.”
“I strongly recommend you check out Invoice IT before committing to similar solutions.”

Don Epstein
“Invoice IT : the Salesforce missing add-on”
“Salesforce is truly a great SaaS-based CRM solution since it’s powerful, customisable, and easy to use for managing from simple lead to opportunities. However, in terms of sales process, I found it was a great pity that Salesforce doesn’t go beyond opportunities management. Indeed, when it comes to create a sales order, a quotation, or invoice we need to use an additional tool to handle these : it was very time consuming as we had to link salesforce data records with new sets of data, making our information system becore more complex and causing data redundancy. This is clearly something we wanted to avoid.”
“We tried several solutions such as Conga Composer and Kugamon Orders to Payment. The first one is very limited in terms of features as it only allows us to generate/store documents. The second one was powerful enough in terms of features but it’s way more expensive. Finally, we picked Invoice IT, which was the perfect fit for our needs. Although the setup process was a little bit laborious at the beginning, we finally managed to obtain a solution that simply works : from salesforce opportunities, we can now create quotations, sales orders, invoices, track client payments, etc.”
“This powerful and affordable product, as well as the technical staff which was always reactive to solve our issues or answer to our questions, make Invoice IT solution outstanding among its competitors. We wish Acertis good luck and hope its team will keep innovating by releasing new features in the future.”

Eric Pho
“Glad we found this product”
“I’m really happy that we found this product on the AppExchange. We had been looking for a solution to migrate a custom contract and billing system into Salesforce and were having a very hard time finding something that:”
a) met our requirements
b) was affordable
“Invoice IT met our requirements, including some requirements that other vendors couldn’t satisfy. Also, it met our budgetary requirements. We were up and running in a few weeks. Since then I’ve been happy with the improvements that have been made to Invoice IT. They appear to be listening to their customers, which is great.”

Doug Ramirez (Director of Process Engineering, Blue Ridge InternetWorks)
“I can’t believe we didn’t have this years ago! To be be able to have all of our client attached to each account so that we don’t have to go elsewhere is an absolutely amazing thing. We could not be happier and realize how vital this app is to our success!”

Drew Sheahan
“Great Features and Great Support”
“We went live with invoice IT last month and we have been blown away by the application. We were originally planning to use several other apps to deliver the required functionality but we are now using only one solution to achieve everything and it was delivered well within budget! We knew that implementing a new order management and invoicing solution would not be simple but the support and advice we have had from the Invoice it team went over and above what we expected. If you’re looking for an order management and invoicing solution that works seamlessly with Salesforce, look no further!”

Maurizio Cappitta