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The complete Order, Subscription and Billing solution
Invoice IT manages all the complexities of order management, subscription billing and recurring payments. Invoice IT’s features are broad, comprehensive and highly flexible to cater to all businesses. Convert quotes into orders, orders into invoices and then collect payments, all with one easy-to-use solution that gives you full control of your quote-to-cash process.
  • Generate Quotes & Orders
  • Complex Products & Services
  • Invoice your Customers
  • Manage Subscriptions
  • Automate Renewals
  • Collect Payments
Cloud Based Solution
Invoice IT is a cloud based solution which allows you to get up and running in hours rather than weeks and months. It is simple to setup and configure and it integrates easily with Salesforce CRM, your accounting system or other applications with an easy-to-use API.
Click through the list of features to see how Invoice IT could help automate your Billing process.
Accurate and Efficient Quoting
Is your business losing orders because it takes too long to quote for your products or services? Quote management is made easy with Invoice IT with a fully integrated business process from quote to order to cash.
  • Quote in multiple currencies
  • See the profitability of your sale right from your quotes
  • Configure approval processes for quotes falling below minimum profit margins
  • One-click generation of quote PDF using customizable templates
  • Get your quotes signed off by your customers with online approvals
  • Optional Extras provide the versatility needed by your business. By presenting optional extras, your subscribers select the plan that is perfectly tailored to suit their needs
  • Track your quotes through different stages and report on your conversion ratio
  • Clone your quotes and track them with versioning
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Complete Product & Service Order Management
Invoice IT provides best-in-class Order Management functionality. Reduce unnecessary administration and errors by enabling your sales team to turn quotes into orders with just a click. Take full control of the quote-to-order-to-cash process with integrated workflow, approvals, complex pricing and advanced reporting.
  • Generate customer orders with a guided step-by-step process
  • Record product delivery and service activation
  • Raise purchase orders for your products or services at the click of a button
  • Track your supplier deliveries
  • Manage the inventory of your products with the ability to handle back orders
  • Generate invoices on-the-fly at the click of a button
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Manage your Subscription Billing with Ease
If your business offers services which are billed on a recurring basis, Invoice IT will manage the entire process for you. In addition to processing recurring transactions, Invoice IT manages free trial periods, one-off transactions, discounts, refunds and renewals.
  • Create and Manage Subscriptions with flexible terms
  • Easily configure Trial Periods and Setup Charges
  • Manage “Freemiums”
  • Manage evergreen (non-expiring) subscription
  • Upgrade, Downgrade and Pro-rate Subscriptions with ease any time during the billing cycle
  • Auto-Renew your Subscriptions
  • View your MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) and TCV (Total Contract Value) against your customer accounts and report on them
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Invoice Management and Credit Notes
Invoice IT makes the entire process of generating and sending invoices to your clients very simple and easy. Produce and send an invoice on-the-fly or automate and generate invoices in bulk against your orders/subscriptions.
  • Configure multiple billing cycles according to your needs
  • Generate proforma invoices
  • Invoice part-orders, pro-rated periods etc
  • Schedule recurring billing runs and monitor them with complete log
  • Automatically reconcile invoices and get notified of failed or missing ones
  • Handle credit notes, adjustments etc
  • Generate branded PDF invoices and email them to your customers automatically
  • Post, unpost or cancel your invoices at the click of a button
  • Easily integrate the invoices with your accounting system
Did you know?Unlike other solutions we don’t charge any transaction fee for processing invoices.
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Manage and Collect Payments
With Invoice IT you can forget the complications when it comes to processing payments. Our system handles all card-failure scenarios including expired or invalid cards, failed transactions etc and lets you configure and send notifications accordingly. What is more you can even notify your customers before card expiration.
  • Collect payments against your invoices
  • Handle part payments or allocate a single payment against multiple invoices
  • Store credit card details against your customers (see Security and PCI Compliance section for more details)
  • Process payments automatically using the chosen payment gateway. We support and PayPal. More gateways in the roadmap.
  • We manage your dunning process (follow up on failed card payments)
  • Re-allocate payments, refund payments and handle payment disputes
Did you know?Unlike other solutions we don’t charge any transaction fee for processing payments. You only pay what you owe to your payment gateways directly.
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Invoice IT handles ANY pricing model
With Invoice IT you can forget the complications when it comes to processing payments. Our system handles all card-failure scenarios including expired or invalid cards, failed transactions etc and lets you configure and send notifications accordingly. What is more you can even notify your customers before card expiration.
  • Introduce a new pricing model in hours
  • Create promotional pricing in minutes
  • Create pricing plans with valid periods and expire your pricing plans on-the-fly
  • Report on the pricing fluctuations
  • Report on the success of your different pricing models with easy to build reports
  • Manage Discount codes or Promotion codes with ease and configure them for specific customer groups or product families
Did you know?Invoice IT supports Per Unit Pricing, Flat rate Pricing, Volume pricing, Tiered pricing, Metered pricing, Overage Pricing, Discounts, Promotional pricing and a lot more.
Manage Subscription Upgrade or Downgrade with ease
Invoice IT lets you manage your customers’ subscription upgrades or downgrades anytime during their billing period. Handle part-periods, proration, pre-closure, refunds and more
  • Upgrade or Downgrade your customers’ subscriptions anytime during their billing period
  • Cancel existing products or add new products to the subscription
  • Activate your changes from a different date to when making the changes
  • Update your subscription quantities any time during the billing period
  • Prorate the billing to consider the mid-term changes to the subscription
  • Automatically re-calculate your MRR and TCV based on these changes
Manage Sales Tax and VAT
Invoice IT lets you sell in multiple currencies and also manages all your VAT, Sales Tax, Use Tax, GST/PST/HST calculations. You can configure your tax rates by product category or by country, state, city, zip/post code etc. Run reports to accurately consolidate your taxes and feed them into your accounting system.
  • Sell and bill in multiple currencies
  • Configure different pricing for multiple currencies against the same product thereby providing more meaningful reports
  • Configure custom rates by customer category (wholesale, retail etc), product category and country, state, city, zip
  • Configure between calculating taxes against your shipping address or billing address
  • Manage compounded tax calculations
  • Configure tax exemptions for your products/services
  • Export product tax values to your accounting system
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Build Reports and Dashboards with ease
Invoice IT lets you build reports and dashboards with the easy to use WYSIWYG (drag-and-drop) editor. Now report on your quotes, orders/subscriptions, invoices, payments etc. Find anything from your cashflow for the current period to your success rates with a specific team, all at the click of a button. Customize the reports or dashboards and create new ones to suit your business needs.
  • Create completely customizable reports and dashboards
  • Find your top spending customers or the most profitable ones
  • Find the most successful pricing models
  • Report on buying patterns that help you to market any new products
  • Forecast sales and project cash-flows to answer your budgeting questions
  • Track invoice payments that automatically shows your own internal credit rating for accounts to ensure your sales team sell to the right customers
  • Report on the most profitable products and the success of any promotions
  • Report on the profitability of your team and tie incentives to the actual revenue they generate.
  • Schedule reports and dashboards to be emailed periodically or export your reports onto spreadsheets
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Access Invoice IT on the go
Invoice IT is available in a variety of devices. Built on you can leverage the power of social computing where your data can talk to you. Access Invoice IT in iPad (or other devices), view quotes, orders, invoices etc, see your weekly reports and dashboards, track your orders etc
  • Access Invoice IT with native apps
  • View and add new customers on the fly
  • View and update your quotes, orders etc
  • Monitor the status of your invoice batch runs
  • View your reports and dashboards live
  • Communicate with your colleagues and customers using Chatter – The social tool for
  • Get notified when the order gets closed, or when a chosen invoice becomes overdue
Automate your business rules and approval processes
  • Automate any business process using simple rule based interface
  • Model multi-step processes rapidly in a visual designer and instantly run in the cloud
  • Configure approval processes and route information to a series of people who can approve or decline the requests step by step
  • Alert people when their participation is required in a business process. Whether it’s to approve a PO or implement a request, alerts are sent via email and can be assigned as a Task in Invoice IT.
  • Use rules to validate data and enforce business logic when a user is entering data. Or use formulas to perform calculations or to fill out other data based on user-defined entries.
  • Monitor the business processes with the administrative console and audit trails to keep tasks from falling through the cracks.
Integration and Eco-system
Invoice IT is built on the leading cloud platform that provides a number of integration points ranging from off-the-shelf native ERP connectors to web services, email, syndication feeds and HTTP-based REST callouts. You can also benefit from thousands of add-on applications built on ecosystem. As we always say you can run your entire business on cloud and you can easily find an app for everything you do.
The platform also supports several APIs, including the REST- and SOAP-based Web Services APIs, providing the basis for integration with other languages such as Java, .NET, Ruby, Objective-C and PHP.
  • Synchronize your customer data with third-party solutions
  • Expose your product catalog on your website thereby ensuring pricing accuracy
  • Import orders from an external system
  • Trigger outbound messages to your provisioning systems
  • Load your customers’ service usage charges into Invoice IT with ease
  • Export your invoices, credit notes as csv to your accounting system
  • If you use external payment systems, import the data into Invoice IT for accurate reporting
Secure and Reliable solution
Invoice IT is built on the leading cloud platform The platform’s security and reliability is trusted by over 2 million users. There is no higher priority than the privacy and security of our customers’ data.
We believe that protecting the privacy of our customers’ data is integral to our mission of earning and maintaining the trust of each of our customers. We seek to lead the industry as a trusted repository for customer data through a world-class privacy program and provide a secure infrastructure and flexible tools that help enable our customers to comply with global privacy and data protection regulations.
  • Is Invoice IT built on a PCI compliant platform?
  • How secure is my data?
  • How do you handle privacy?
  • Will the system be available to me all the time?
Yes. Invoice IT is built on platform which is Level 1 PCI compliant. See more information about security in the FAQ section.
We are focused on maintaining your data securely while respecting your privacy. The system has a proven reliability of >99.9%. Probably we are the only invoicing solution to provide daily service-quality data on a public Web site.
If you nee more information on the security and privacy of your data or run-time system status view them here.
Seamless integration with Salesforce CRM
Invoice IT is built on the leading Salesforce cloud computing platform This brings the benefits of a highly secure, reliable and scalable platform and also enables Invoice IT to work seamlessly alongside your Salesforce CRM system.
If your business is licensed for the Professional, Enterprise or Unlimited edition of Salesforce, then you can use Invoice IT with your Salesforce CRM system.
Invoice IT fills the gap in your Quote-to-Cash process. You can generate quotes and orders from your Salesforce Accounts or Opportunities, follow them up with Purchase Orders, Invoices and Payments. What is more, all the revenue figures are available against your Salesforce CRM reports and forecasts. Find your top spending accounts, report on your quote-to-order conversion ratio, flag pending invoices and track payments all from your Salesforce instance.
You can install the product from the Salesforce AppExchange – the cloud computing marketplace here.
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