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Automated billing services

Discounts & Upgrades: The Variable Nature Of Invoicing

In today’s business and consumer world, subscription services are becoming more and more common. There are several models of subscription billing, each with slightly different pros and cons. The theoretical advantage of subscription models is a predictable recurring revenue stream, but even within this framework,...

Why Should My Business Be Subscription Based?

It was only a matter of time before those pioneering businesses offering subscription-based models would become mainstream. After all, paradox of choice has never been more relevant than in the global, online space. This has resulted in time-poor customers demanding an easy shopping experience, where...
Cloud Billing Strategic Business Report

An Overview Of The Cloud Billing Strategic Business Report 2015

Cloud computing has the capacity to transform traditional billing methods, driving industry-changing movements in the way businesses bill their clients.   The potential benefits that cloud computing offers lend themselves perfectly to developing billing systems. From the organization and maintenance of IT infrastructure to serviceable...
Cloud Billing USA

Cloud Computing: Why Doesn’t It Exist In The USA?

Service providers across the globe are revolutionizing their billing systems through cloud billing. This innovative approach to scalable billing promotes immediacy, reliability and value services, enabling businesses dependent on subscription models to easily manage the payment processes they depend on for successful growth each month....
Internet of things why it is so important

Join The “Internet Of Things” With Invoice IT

Imagine a vast network of interconnected “things”; objects, animals, even people, all equipped to exchange information, transferring data from one point to another across huge distances, automated, instant. This is the Internet of Things (IoT); a sprawling information infrastructure made up of embedded, automated electronics....
Automated Invoicing 1

The Benefits of Automated Invoicing

How are you managing your invoices right now? Do you create them yourself, having to type out the price of every item; or do you delegate them to one of your employees with detailed instructions to "save as", then "cut and paste"? If you or...
Austomated Customer Renewal

Automating Customer Renewals: The UK Regulations

If you are considering creating an automated renewal program for your business, it is important to understand your customers’ rights and the regulations you will need to follow.   Continuous payment authorities (CPAs) were initially established for the convenience of customers, so that they could...