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Good Business: How to Achieve Reliable & Trustworthy Billing

Billing solutions

An efficient and trustworthy billing process is essential for your business. In a world driven by ecommerce your customers and suppliers expect instant delivery. An automated billing system will streamline your workflow by integrating with all parts of your operation. Clients and business partners will be happy and you’ll be running smoothly and cost effectively.

Customers Demand Instant Access

Your website is open 24/7 and customers expect to access all its features accordingly and in a manner that’s convenient for them, even if it’s the middle of the night. Online automated payments are accepted and processed immediately, so your customer is happy and doesn’t go elsewhere. Credit card or PayPal transactions can be dealt with swiftly and securely and payment choice allows customers to control the sale on their own terms.

Keeps Up the Cash Flow

Instant billing brings finances into the business immediately, so a healthy and ongoing cash flow can be maintained. There’s no need to wait for funds to be cleared or invoices to be received. Automatic billing software links with the ecommerce platform to generate invoices for customers and the accounts department. Physical products, subscription renewals, orders and quotes will all be logged and processed in a timely manner.

Customer Satisfaction

Automated processes enable people to take advantage of discount vouchers and special offers, as coupons can be linked to the billing software. You can boost sales with last minute tactical offers, which is great for customer retention and acquisition. A traceable path for every transaction allows queries to be highlighted and problems rectified quickly and with confidence. This will work wonders for customer satisfaction and your ongoing relationship.

Integration with Inventory

Automatic billing integrates with inventory management systems to update stock levels after each purchase, so there’s no need for manual adjustments. Customers will be advised of availability and delivery dates at the point of sale, which ensures they have all the information they require at the outset. You’ll be able to review your supplies quickly and accurately to ensure the correct supplies. This will also help to eliminate additional costs by holding unnecessary stock.

Integration with Your Accounting System

Whatever the size of your business you’ll be dealing with a constant flow of money and it’s not just about incoming payments. Utility companies, office suppliers, travel arrangements or rent all need to be paid constantly and on time. Checking invoices, investigating discrepancies and approving payments are all time consuming, and missed deadlines lead to penalties and a bad reputation. An automated system ensures that all relevant information is easily and instantly accessible.

Maximizes Productivity and Reduces Costs

An automated billing system greatly reduces the man hours required to run your operation. Data is quickly processed and it takes far fewer people to do it. Invoices are effortlessly matched to the correct purchase order and payment approval can be done by any authorized person who has an internet connection. The laborious task of checking every stage, with all the possibilities for error on the way, is removed.

Ideal Solutions for Complex Situations

Your business may provide consulting services. These could be billed hourly, monthly or on a flat rate basis. Tailor-made billing solutions enable you to offer a personal service for every client. A seamless integration between systems allows complex and varied pricing scenarios to be managed with ease. Consultants will be free to focus on clients rather than invoicing.

Improved Security and Reliability

Manual processes are not quick enough to accurately deal with the huge number of transactions generated by ecommerce. Nor can they keep pace with a business environment that moves at lightning speed. Automated systems greatly diminish the possibility for human error by linking billing to the rest of your operation. All approved personnel will have a complete overview of the entire system and security permissions mean that only authorized staff will have access.
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